Monash Teaching Record

A learning platform for Monash University academics.

The Monash Teaching Record was a prototype designed by Portable in 2016, used to assist in the promotion and career development of its academics and staff. 


Monash wanted to develop a teaching record with the aim of raising the esteem of teaching across the university.


Monash wanted to improve the culture and strategy of teaching at Monash. They wanted to offer their staff better internal opportunities for growth, but did not know where to begin this process.


They knew part of it involves encouraging and motivating its staff to develop their skills. They came to the conclusion that a teaching record, a centralised place to log and document their experiences in learning and teaching,  could be used as a motivator in pursuing opportunities for development.

Portable thus set to work, creating a record for teaching, professional development. Our research into leading teaching record tools within the higher education and startup space assisted with identifying key features. Portable worked with existing Monash materials and content to centralise information for the benefit of its staff.

Portable researched and developed User Personas with the intent of addressing key functional needs. Some of these needs were akin to a logbook: a place to document, to reflect and to plan for the future. This process included talking to Monash teachers about their learning and teaching process and how they originally went about documenting this. Portable worked with existing Monash resources and content to centralise this information for the benefit of its staff.

Using this insights, Portable designed lo-fi wireframes to help visualise the platform. Then using those wireframes, our design approach focused heavily on user needs, wanting to addressing staff’s desires for activity and goal tracking. Portable focused on guiding their learning journey through documenting, tracking and reflection.The portal would generate a visual chronology of their career developments and use it to address problems and help teachers become more self-aware. 

The design process was iterative and completely user centred. We provided the interface design of the key pages for desktop and mobile, including the timeline of progress, the user’s goals and actvities. The first iteration of Teaching Record was developed using the wireframes with the intent to provide Monash with an interactive roadmap on how to improve the culture of teaching at Monash.


An interactive and live prototype of the Teaching Record for User Acceptance Testing.

A chronological format allowing users to enter and record their experiences, with data entry visible through a timeline.

The interface designs of the key pages across desktop and mobile, cross-platform and browser.

The first iteration of Teaching Record was developed using the wireframes developed in the Design Phase and presented to Professor Darrell Evans, Vice-Provost (Learning and Teaching). Portable delivered an interactive and live prototype of the Teaching Record for User Acceptance Testing after a development and testing review internally.

The delivery of process to prototype in expected in 2017.



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