Design for Justice

As part of our ongoing work across the justice sector, we are pleased to release our latest report: Design for Justice.

Design and law do not typically meet, but we think they are perfect for each other.


For the past several years we have been working on projects across the justice system, driven by a desire to make it more accessible, equitable and efficient for all users. During this time we have been privileged to work with amazing people, doing incredible work across the sector.


This report is based on these experiences as well as extensive research. It contains a series of recommendations for how we think the system can, and should, be improved.


We hope it will prompt a broader discussion around how service design and technology can push governments, policy makers, lawyers and institutions to rethink this system.

We are hosting several events across the country to launch the report. RSVP below, and stay turned for further dates to be added in other cities soon.