Design Your Death: a special edition of Portable Neighbourhood Drinks

Event 2.0: We're doing it again! After a great turnout to our first Friends of Portable Neighbourhood “Death” Drinks, we're hosting a second round.


Imagine you’ve left your body. You’re looking down on yourself from above and recalling your last few days as you. What would those last few days have been like?

It’s a morbid question, perhaps, but while we tend to avoid talking about death at all costs, it’s the only thing in life we can’t avoid (other than taxes).

However, when we do talk about it – with an open mind and positivity – we find questions and answers of profound importance to the experience of death and ageing.

And the potential impact is huge. Examining and confronting the challenges surrounding death and ageing can span across sectors and industries, from government agencies to corporations to not-for-profits.

Help us with our research by taking a moment to reflect

This unexplored and neglected area of discovery is Portable’s new frontier of work. At a special edition of our Neighbourhood Drinks you’ll get the chance to reflect on your perceptions and attitudes towards death and ageing (our twist on the concept of Death Cafes) and help inform our upcoming report into the social, economic and technological trends around death and ageing.

Friends of Portable Neighbourhood “Death” Drinks

When: Thursday 23 August 2018. 6:00pm arrival. At 7:00pm, with a drink and phone in hand, you’ll be invited to answer an interactive set of questions. Answers will be sent back to you in the form of a death plan that, if you wish, can be shared and used to start conversations with a future you, friends or family.

Where: Portable Studios, 5 Easey St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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