Join Us: How the Gig Economy Will Impact Volunteering

The future of work is changing, and the gig economy is garnering a lot of attention – for both good and bad reasons. From food delivery to freelance services, the flexibility afforded by gig work is often portrayed as liberating, empowering and even glamorous, but the reality is far more complex.

The volunteering sector is among those being particularly challenged, as evolutions occur in what people expect from work, how they value their time, and how organisations manage their workforces.

To learn more on this topic, join Portable at the 17th National Volunteering Conference, where our CEO Andrew Apostola and other thought-leaders will discuss what the transition to the gig-economy means for volunteering, and how organisations can equip themselves for this change.


When: 20-22 June 2018Where: Sydney International Convention CentreRegister:


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