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Design thinking for sports administrators
Client: Vicsport, with funding via VicHealth
Vicsport is the peak body for sport in Victoria and serves 16,000 clubs and associations. It aims to get as many people as possible engaging in sport and physical activity, across all age groups and community sectors.

Vicsport recently engaged Portable to facilitate a two-day design-thinking workshop for sports administrators. Few of the 90 participants had any design experience, but the Portable facilitators showed them how they could use design processes and frameworks to understand the needs of users, generate and test new ideas and develop new programs.

Participants then applied that knowledge in practical hands-on sessions, using design tools and processes to tackle complex problems and design creative solutions.
Outcomes and benefits

Participants learnt techniques to build an understanding of user needs and gained hands-on experience in using design thinking to recognise new opportunities.

Participants learnt how to devise, test and refine ideas.

Participants learnt creative problem-solving skills relevant to sport organisations.

All participants received a take-home toolkit with guides and workshops tailored to the business of sport.


Portable worked closely with Vicsport to match the ambitions of both organisations with the issues facing sports administrators and the challenge of teaching design thinking. The result was the development of a workshop scope and structure that met objectives, had realistic goals and maximised engagement.
Design thinking

We identified the key areas for capability-building that would be of long-term benefit to sports administrators and their organisations. Our focus was on providing a structure for understanding user needs, and then developing and testing ideas.

The workshop facilitation ensured that key learnings were clearly identified and shared and that all participants had the opportunity to apply a design framework to a realistic and practical idea or issue.
“Sport Jam gave administrators an opportunity to consider the value proposition of physical activity from the end-user perspective and 'think outside the box' to find new ways to encourage less active Victorians to become more involved in sport and active recreation.”

– Vicsport

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