Kester Black

Building the modern ethical business
Kester Black is a B Corp, vegan and animal friendly cosmetics company based in Collingwood. By emphasising the positive social and environment effects, Kester Black is redefining ethical standards for the cosmetics industry.

Anna Ross, founder of Kester Black, came to Portable with an envious problem: the business needed a clear digital strategy to capitalise on ever expanding interest from consumers, wholesalers and media.
The business had an engaged user base, however no work has been established on customer experience and journey mapping, making it difficult to understand the direction to take with user engagement.
There wasn’t an established content strategy in the business, and there needed to be a better way to analyse the workflow for customers and supplies in order to be more engaging and and provide a complete solution online.
Finally, we saw an opportunity in defining metrics, analytics and business goals in order to best position the brand.
Having a background in retail, fashion and online luxury shopping, Portable understands the fashion retailer that exists exclusively online. A series of insight sessions and workshops allowed us to define a digital strategy for the future of Kester Black’s business expansion.
Using our Define method, we sought to establish an understanding of the existing workflows and journey within the business and move on from there. Portable developed digital communications guidance and recommended a series of engagement techniques to increase engagement within digital communities.

We saw an opportunity in defining metrics, analytics and business goals in order to best position the brand, using these to create targeted digital marketing campaigns. Future plans centred around viable growth targets, drip campaigns, email strategy and advertising.

In the Delivery stage, Portable helped implement a series of best software solutions within the business, including SEO performance.  Much of these mechanisms which serve to better inform in meeting sale goals and identifying opportunities to grow business.

With the current Kester Black brand, you can see a range of skills at work:
Strongly defined digital content strategy

Customer workflow definition and expansion

Expansion of social and digital markets

Introduction of customer conversation and increased sales

As part of our engagement with Kester Black, the brand continued to grow. It’s now globally recognised and has been featured by Vogue, Elle, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Herald Sun, Fashion Journal, yen magazine and many others. In 2016, Anna Ross was awarded Telstra’s Young Businesswoman of the Year for her work with Kester Black.

Exploring everything from online video to Facebook commerce, Taking Back Retail is a comprehensive guide to taking any brand online.

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