National Trust of Australia
Creating a national digital presence for our heritage.
The National Trust engaged Boccalatte and Portable to revolutionise their online presence. They wanted to shift a series of paper processes to digital and help unify their national presence amongst the various state chapters. They wanted a reshift to how it viewed its online presence and leverage best practice content publishing, ticketing and analytics to deliver on its strategic goals.
The site design had a strong focus on flexibility and modularity, answering the key user requirement to make website content management low maintenance (but optionally sophisticated).
The design and architecture of the site met key strategic requirements to engage the visitor for longer periods at a deeper level, reduce the need for duplicate information and demonstrate the breadth of the National Trust offers. We responded to this by creating a universal taxonomy, enabling editors to quickly group information, enriching even small pockets of content with related places, collections, news, publications, policies and educational resources.
Additional keys to project success were: active, centralised project management collaboration between Portable and the National Trust; strong, constant web production presence and the deep expertise and attention to detail of the development team.
Portable’s expertise in engaging stakeholders, drawing out common needs and delivering a focused, user-centric product was key to the success and sustainability of the project and ultimately to the National Trust Brand presence in Australia.
Outcomes and benefits:

Creating a new national site for The National Trust

Working with a range of internal stakeholders with various (and not aligned) interests

An ability to deliver on its digital road map and creating one central presence for the organisation

Portable continues to work with The National Trust on its digital roadmap and long-term digital investment strategy, including delivering the Australian Heritage Festival site which shifted its event workflow to one central digital platform.
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