Capability building

Spark innovation by levelling up design thinking skills in your organisation.

Portable provides large-scale capability building services to introduce your staff to design thinking principles and agile processes. We highlight the importance of understanding end users and being open to an iterative process that allows for ongoing improvements and updates. By encouraging staff to explore design thinking processes, you will immediately equip them to develop and test their own ideas and give them a framework for working collaboratively — be it with users or colleagues. We can help you harness the best ideas in your organisation and improve their value, or work with you to identify barriers to innovation.

Our capability building services

Innovation audit

We will review your current systems for fostering innovation, identify any blockages and recommend ways to support and develop new services, products and activities.

On the job training

Get your team working with our team. We often co-design projects and services with teams from client organisations. This enables your staff to learn about design thinking, the importance of putting users at the centre of the process, and how to structure a process that provides for constant improvement.

Sparking innovation through workshops

Our designers have extensive experience conducting workshops on design thinking for people with no formal design experience. The workshops highlight the importance of understanding the needs and behaviours of end users, include research tools and then provide hands-on experience in designing a prototype and testing. We will work with you to scope and structure the workshop, identify key issues and considerations and desired outcomes.

Toolkits to help you train others

Our take-home tool kits are tailored to the needs and challenges facing each organisation or business. They provide users with a step-by-step guide on how to identify user needs, develop a concept and iterate. They can be used to refresh learnings for workshop participants or to help you coach others.


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