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Design for education

(without screwing it up)

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Our world is constantly changing. As designers, the question of how to design for education to equip the next generation for these changes and enhance their learning experience was of great interest to us.

By looking at the user experience of schools, researching current practises and interviewing widely across the education system, we formulated 6 principles to guide those designing for the education system.

Future of Death and Ageing in Australia
Future of death and ageing in Australia - Portable report

The Future of Death & Ageing

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Portable's latest area of discovery included 200+ contributors and a year of research. This report examines the social, medical, financial and personal systems we must navigate as we get old, sick and die. By articulating the pain points – and opportunities – for the old, dying and those close to them, we map out possibilities for a new way for Australians to age and die in the future.


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Portable is a digital design and technology company proudly born in Melbourne, Australia. For over a decade, Portable has been at the forefront of design and technology, working with governments and for-purpose organisations to drive change.


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By leveraging our experience working with technology, design thinking and co-design principles, we help to define the strategy, tools and direction that organisations need to innovate and evolve.


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Over the years, we have witnessed the world of design grow and redefine itself. We stay ahead of the trends and design thinking principles that affect the design of systems and services. Human-centred design, combined with data-driven design, is how we make change.

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