Youth Justice

Ongoing research

There’s more investment in justice than ever before, but consistent and persistent challenges remain, such as the complexities that come with designing policy and implementing services that deal with young people, mental health and the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the system. We know that systemic issues like these require collaboration and action at a large scale.


Design for education

Our world is constantly changing. As designers, the question of how to design for education to equip the next generation for these changes and enhance their learning experience was of great interest to us.

By looking at the user experience of schools, researching current practises and interviewing widely across the education system, we formulated 6 principles to guide those designing for the education system.

Future of Death and Ageing in Australia

Principles of Data-Driven Design

In a world where the volume of data being captured increases exponentially every waking hour, the opportunities to use data insights to create the next generation of products are everywhere. But why is it so difficult for designers, product teams and entire organisations to even get started? Our new report outlines the barriers to data driven design and how you can overcome them.


The Future of Death & Ageing

200+ contributors and a year of research resulted in this examination of the social, medical, financial and personal systems we must navigate as we get old, sick and die. By articulating the pain points – and opportunities – for the old, dying and those close to them, we map out possibilities for a new way for Australians to age and die in the future.

Future of Death and Ageing in Australia

The New Infrastructure

We started reflecting on how much we rely on infrastructure in our everyday lives. From catching a tram to work and using Wi-Fi through to going for a dip at our local public pool. It has got us thinking about how we, as designers, can help to create smarter and more sustainable infrastructure, for us and generations to come.

The New Infrastructure report: using design thinking to build better communities

Redesigning Work 

An examination of what work looks like today, and how this is changing. This report presents a series of ideas for what governments, educational institutions, employers and design companies like us can do to prepare for the challenges the future of work will bring.


Hacking the Bureaucracy

Explore the drivers of government innovation within Australia, and discover resources for individuals working in the public service to make impact and drive innovation.



The not-for-profit and NGO sector is going through incredible change in the face of globalisation, digital technology and the rise of a new breed of non government organisations and social enterprises. This report explores the key themes and outlines nine key tips for the sector to change.


Design for Justice

Design For Justice is a statement on how design thinking principles can be used to improve the legal sector. It provides a guide for individuals working or using the legal industry to improve the way justice is delivered.

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Taking Back Retail

Retail and e-commerce are transforming the worlds we inhabit at an ever-fastening pace. Taking Back Retail is a guide for retailers and brands looking to move their businesses into the digital era.

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