What can we do to fix the youth justice system?

There’s more investment in justice than ever before, but consistent and persistent challenges remain, such as the complexities that come with designing policy and implementing services that deal with young people, mental health and the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the system. We know that systemic issues like these require collaboration and action at a large scale.

In the 2 years since launching 'Design for justice', Portable has worked on dozens of projects in the areas of mental health, education and youth participation. We're now kicking off a new, self-funded research and development project into youth justice, and we need your help to enable the type of thinking that reshapes relationships with justice.

If you work in government or law or are a policymaker, service provider, community organisation or passionate citizen, we'd love to hear from you.

Our progress

We have recently held a dinner with experts from across the youth justice system, and this has enabled us to put together a series of insights about youth justice in Australia. We hope to use these insights to aid us in our research, and are also offering them as a free resource to encourage those with a connection to youth justice and prompt more conversations about change in this area.


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Additional reading

We have put together a list of resources for those who are interested in youth justice and would like to increase your knowledge in this area. These readings have been used in our research, and some have been recommended by the experts who attended our dinner to aid us in our pursuit of gaining a broad perspective of the youth justice system.

Youth Justice Review and Strategy - Meeting needs and reducing offending

Penny Armytage and Professor James Ogloff AM - July 2017

Inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria

PARLIAMENT OF VICTORIA - Legislative Council, Legal and Social Issues Committee - March 2018

Inquiry into Strategies to Prevent High Volume Offending by Young People (Victoria, 2008)

PARLIAMENT OF VICTORIA - Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee

No handcuffs, no uniform: a different approach to youth justice

ABC Radio National, Law Report: Presented by Damien Carrick - 16.7.19

All alone: Young adults in the Victorian justice system

Jesuit Social Services article and report - 11.9.18

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