Access to justice

Since 2012, we’ve made a commitment to effect change in the justice and legal space. A sector that had yet to be transformed by the internet revolution will be with ever lasting changes to the way we as citizens interact with the law.

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We believe in government

We believe in it as a force for good. We believe in its capacity to make broad-reaching and impactful change possible for millions of people. Government is both a partner and a central focus of our work.

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Future of work

We all play a role in defining what our workplace looks like, future and present. As part of our continuing exploration of how technology is reshaping our world, Portable has commenced the exploration around the future of work, in a paper entitled Redesigning Work. It’s part of a broader independent research project that Portable is conducting to explore the changing relationship between work, technology and human behaviour.

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The not-for-profit and NGO sector is going through incredible change in the face of globalisation, digital technology and the rise of a new breed of non government organisations and social enterprises.

The new infrastructure

Over the past year, we have been reflecting on how much we rely on infrastructure in our everyday lives. From catching a tram to work and using wi-fi through to going for a dip at our local public pool. It has got us thinking about how we, as designers, can help to create smarter and more sustainable infrastructure, for us and generations to come.

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Proud to B-

As a company and a group of individuals, we have always been driven by a mission to use technology to help transform sectors and industries. This is why we’re proud to be recognised as a B-Corp.
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