Hacking the Bureaucracy
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We Believe in Government

For the past decade, Portable has been at the centre of design and web innovation across Australia and internationally.

We believe in Government and in its power to create widespread, meaningful change. However, we continually come across individuals working to make great change but who are unable to get projects over the line, who fail to mediate minor technical hurdles and who see their work falter just when it is gathering steam and interest.

As part of this report, we interviewed over one hundred people in Government roles, looked at successful and failed projects and identified some of the critical factors required for people working in policy and policy implementation to be successful in innovating.

We believe Government already has good, innovative and intelligent people working within its walls and we continue to strive to help those people create positive change.

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8 Ingredients of Innovation

Through our research, we identified eight prerequisites for successful innovation. This is the recipe for creating the right ecosystem for Government innovation to happen.

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • The Innovation Process
  • Sharing Knowledge Across Departments
  • Knowledge of the Department
  • Incentives and Rewards
  • Resourcing
  • Purpose

Each of these areas is expanded on in detail in Hacking the Bureaucracy, available for free download.


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