Portable supports the Voice to Parliament

Today, we proudly announce our support for the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and constitutional change in Australia.

At Portable, we firmly believe in the principles of equality, inclusivity, and respect for the diverse voices and cultures that shape our communities and society in Australia.

Many people first came to know us as designers and technologists, working on the technical delivery end of projects. However, at our centre is our mission, which demands us to seek out areas of policy failure and social need and use the tools at our disposal to bring about transformational change. There is no greater policy failure in Australia that underscores our systemic shortcomings  than the current state of affairs regarding our Indigenous communities.

Today, we proudly announce our support for the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and constitutional change in Australia. We stand alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations, and individuals who have long advocated for a meaningful and constitutionally enshrined mechanism to empower Indigenous voices in decision-making processes that affect their lives and futures.

It is our view that an Indigenous Voice to Parliament would provide a platform for First Nations peoples to directly contribute to the development of policies and legislation that impact their communities and their lives as individuals. We believe it represents a meaningful step towards genuine reconciliation, promoting self-determination, and addressing the ongoing systemic inequalities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Constitutional change is essential to recognise the unique and enduring connection of First Nations peoples to this land, and to ensure their voices are heard and respected at all levels of government. By embedding Indigenous Voice in the nation's highest legal document, we can send a powerful message of unity and acknowledge the rightful place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, languages, and heritage in shaping Australia's identity.

We know that for some who seek change, the Voice to Parliament does not go far enough. We know that trusting a government that has had a poor track record of delivering on promises for indigenous people is hard to do. But we know that making change is extremely hard. Too often it’s the complexity of problems that stop us from even beginning to unpick them. In our work we commonly find ourselves in scenarios where perfect is the enemy of the good, resulting in dithering and ultimately delay. We believe we need both the visionaries and those willing to work with imperfect systems to challenge and evolve them. The kind of change we intend to make happens from dialogue, engagement, co-design, failure, learning, iteration and small but meaningful steps forward.

Portable commits to supporting the calls for constitutional reform and an Indigenous Voice to Parliament through various means, including advocacy, education, and fostering constructive dialogue within our company and beyond. We will actively engage with Indigenous communities and organisations to learn, collaborate, and amplify their voices in this important conversation.

We urge our fellow businesses, organisations, and individuals to join us in supporting an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and constitutional change. Together, we can build a more just and equitable future for all Australians, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are recognised, empowered, and where our systems of government give them the respect they deserve.

Learn more about the upcoming referendum and Voice to Parliament

We recommend visiting the Australian Government Voice to Parliament website for more information about the proposed independent advisory body which is to be the focus of the upcoming referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. You'll also find many resources, including:

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