Bringing design thinking to education and environment

If we are looking at the biggest challenges facing our society and the most important things for the future of our world, it is hard to look past the environment and education. In order to respond to this challenge we have created an Education and Environment team to focus on projects in these areas.

This is not the start of our work in either of these spaces. Previously our work in the environmental space has been on projects with the Australian Conservation Fund, enhancing their website to assist people in assessing which party their environmental views aligned with. We have also worked with Arnsdorf to relaunch themselves as a modern digital retailer and rethink how they connect with their customers and make their ethical and environmental commitments transparent, and have collaborated with The Wilderness Society.

Our work in education is also wide ranging, including current work being completed for the Papua New Guinea schooling system to reimagine a future classroom that effectively leverages technology. We have also worked on prototyping solutions to cyber bullying in Tonga, and are soon to release an Education Report about designing for education without screwing it up. In thinking about design as a force for change, we also gave a talk about Unlearning School to promote new conversations about education and explore the design opportunities, which you can find here.

The potential for applying the design thinking skills and experience of this team are exciting, and we are looking forward to growing more in the education and environment space. We aim to become a leading source of innovation in this area. Alongside this team's work, we are proud to be a certified B corporation that prioritises considering the impact our decisions have on the environment, and we believe that designers should lead the way in forming solutions to protect our planet.

To find out more about about the work being done in the Education and Environment team at Portable, email

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