Redesigning death and ageing

Creating a path to a better future for the ageing, dying and those who are close to them through research, design and technology.

Death and ageing are areas in drastic need of social and policy engagement. Since 2018 we have actively worked in this space, providing submissions to the Royal Commission into Aged Care and striving to translate our research with communities across Australia into practical, digital outcomes that enhance end of life experience for citizens.

Our services in death and ageing

Paper prototyping

Exploring the user journey for accessing funeral services

  • Deliver an online presence that works for you and your users

    How a website or app is designed and developed can make or break the user’s experience and their perception of your organisation. ...

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  • User research

    Understand the preferences and behaviours of your users through a mixed-methods approach to design research that includes qualitat...

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  • Reimagining services to deliver great experiences

    As your organisation’s offerings and touch points grow, a service design perspective is a powerful way to make sure all interactio...

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