Portable Training: Ethical Human Centred Design Foundations

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Online Event
24 July 2023
11:00 pm - 3:00 am

Why Human Centred Design Matters

Solving complex problems today requires more than thinking up unique solutions and moving through agile implementation. The needs of individuals, organisations, and populations are rapidly changing. Collaborating with the people who matter most and innovating through collaborative design processes is critical if we’re to make the kind of impact in the world we need.

Our Ethical Human Centred Design Foundations workshop provides you with the training and resources to begin thoughtfully collaborating with the people you’re designing for. It also helps develop your understanding of the ethical implications of unconscious bias as well as the ways in which we can identify our assumptions before taking action.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Introduction to human-centred design while building awareness about how it can be used to understand problems and to design solutions.
  2. Learn about co-design in action, and the core principles and approaches to an ethical practice.
  3. Gain hands-on experience of human-centred design through an experiential activity that moves through a ‘Double-Diamond’ design process.
  4. By the end of the session, you’ll have a practical, foundational understanding of what it means to practise ethical human-centred design.

Benefits of Training with Portable

We use human-centred design and ethical co-design every day at Portable to overcome difficult challenges with practical solutions, created in collaboration with people who are seeking transformational change.

Using these practices, our team of designers, strategists and technologists have successfully delivered over 900 projects across a range of impact areas including mental health, access to justice, government innovation, and more.

Not to mention:

  • Run by industry experts
  • Intimate workshop size
  • Engaging hands-on training

Our Ethical Human-Centred Design Toolkit

At Portable, we’ve worked to embed ethical principles and processes into all of our projects. This toolkit shares the resources and knowledge we’ve gained along the way.

We’ve expanded our toolkit to include instructions, templates and resources to help you and your team streamline and facilitate ethical human-centred design projects to better design products and services.

The best part?

Access to our toolkit is included in the cost of your ticket!

Need training for your team, department or entire organisation?

As experts in capability building, the Portable team regularly facilitates co-design and ethical human-centred design workshops with organisations across each of our key impact areas including mental health, justice, the public sector and more.

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