Portable Business Design presents: The Humans at the Centre of Data Design

Join us as we discuss the importance of data, design and bringing the human to the centre when creating solutions.

Online event
27 May 2022
2:30 am - 3:30 am

Emerging collaborative practices between human-centred designers and data scientists

About this webinar

Reconciling design and data: bringing two disciplines together in service of better products, services, and decision-making by creating spaces for the humans at the centre of our processes. With the emergence of data as a key opportunity area for businesses to factor into their products services and structures, how will we understand the humans at the centre of these opportunities?

More and more we are finding the need for experts to come together to collaborate to create outcomes, and work together to understand how our different strengths can create a better product.

Human-centred design seeks to understand users as the primary lens, often prioritising the collection and communication of qualitative data; whilst data science is concerned with the rigorous analysis of data, most often using statistical methodology applied to quantitative data. Both fields are ultimately working to create better outcomes for people. How might we start drawing on both fields to understand transdisciplinary approaches to create positive impact?


  • Tess Guthrie, CEO & Founder, WhyHive (They / Them)
  • Zehra Rizvi, Data Scientist, WhyHive (She / Her)
  • Sarah Tamara Kaur, Principal Business Designer, Portable (She / Her)
  • Aishling Costello, Senior Design Strategist, Portable (She / Her)

What we'll cover

In this hour long session we bring Portable designers Sarah Kaur and Aishling Costello with data analysts and strategists Tess Guthrie and Zehra Rizvi at WhyHive to explore key questions at the centre of emerging best-practice in data design:

  • Why is it important for Human Centred Design to consider Data, and vice versa?
  • What can design practitioners learn from the approach that data experts take, and vice versa?) What are the design implications for business stakeholders?
  • How each discipline brings a different methodology to lessen the risk of, and mitigate implications of a flawed understanding of the data in organisations?

Join us for a candid discussion of these topics, and take away some tips for the next time you’re exploring the intersection of data and design.

Who's it for?

This session is designed for the following audience:

  • Designers curious about working with data, and data scientists
  • Data practitioners curious about design methods and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Organisational, business and government leaders who want to learn more about innovation, and data and design stewardship

About our speakers

Tess Guthrie, CEO & Founder, WhyHive (They / Them) - Tess has a background in pure mathematics and philosophy and is the CEO & Founder of WhyHive. As the winner of the 2021 B&T Women Leading Tech Award in the Data Science Category, they specialise in scoping how organisations can innovate by capturing, analysing and utilising data. With their experience in research, private and purpose-led sectors, Tess brings their knowledge on social enterprises, start-ups, technology, data science and feminism into all of their work.

Zehra Rizvi, Data Scientist, WhyHive (She / Her) - Zehra is a data scientist with a background in community engagement, as well as a finalist in the 2022 B&T Women Leading Tech Awards in the Data Science Category.  She also has experience as a tutor, graphic designer and photographer and co-founded the magazine That Loud Wom*n. Zehra is passionate about leveraging data to help the most vulnerable in our societies, and ensuring that any future technologies do not negatively and disproportionately affect them.

Sarah Tamara Kaur, Principal Business Designer, Portable (She / Her) - Sarah uses design thinking, curiosity ad collaboration between multidisciplinary teams to create solutions to successfully support our clients to achieve their strategic outcomes. Sarah is experienced in leading digital transformation projects, and research and development to drive innovation. Sarah's methodology combines human-centred design research, data analysis, and business design to support clients in government, mental health, and aged care.

Aishling Costello, Senior Design Strategist, Portable (She / Her) - Aishling is an experienced designer with diverse skills in deep research, human-centred design, graphic design and technology and computer science. Aishling has international strategic design and consulting experience, having worked with clients from the Irish, European and Australian public sector, financial institutions in Ireland and America, regulatory authorities and telecommunications across Europe and in Australia.

Webinar details

Friday 27 May, 12:30 - 1:30pm AEDT/AEST

A link to join the webinar will be provided to registered participants via email on Friday 27 May

After the 50 minute presentation, attendees will be invited to stay for a Q&A session with the panellists for up to 10 mins, and a recording of the webinar will be distributed to all registered participants in the days after the event.

What if I can't make it?

You're in luck. This webinar will be recorded and published as a video on the Portable website at a later date.

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