Change management

Leverage our tools and expert faciliation to make a case for, communicate and implement change in your organisation.

Portable provides services that facilitate change management, from assessing the need for change through to developing a change management plan, supporting implementation of the plan and then reviewing implementation. We have specific expertise at helping organisations and companies to make technological change, launch digital products and digitise services. The process also involves providing you the tools to help communicate change. This includes selling the vision, providing information to staff and stakeholders, and developing and distributing information for users or customers.

Our change management services

Working with your board

Our experienced team can meet with your board to explain options for how to tackle challenges or problems in your organisation. This may include the consideration and choices around upgrading technology, providing frameworks for innovation, new product development, digitising services, changing workplace culture, changing workflows or revising your brand.

Coaching senior management

We can support senior management to take your organisation forward, helping them to implement, monitor and refine change processes. An understanding and focus on end-users and their behaviours can help remove obstacles to change. We will provide a structure and tools to empower managers to lead teams with purpose and positivity now and into the future.

Helping you through a period of change

Portable's experienced team can help you successfully navigate all stages of the change management process, drawing on our expertise in human centred design, digitising services, data analytics and product development. We use the best available collaborative and community-driven tools and technology and we can also design materials to support change for both internal and external stakeholders.

Be your de facto tech or design team

Sometimes you need to get a team together quickly or provide a second opinion on a company directive. Our interdisciplinary team of developers, researchers and designers can provide robust recommendations, tested products and deliver prototypes and tools to support the change process in your organisation.


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