Content strategy

Guide the creation of helpful information and easy-to-use services for a single website or whole organisation.

Our content strategists and content designers will ensure your digital presence serves the needs of your brand, your users and your strategic objectives. The Portable team will work with you to co-design a content strategy that will guide the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content on your website, app or entire digital presence. Our expertise in human-centred design will make sure users, both internal and external, are placed in the centre so your content strategy will be effective and realistic, helping your organisation define, prioritise, systematise, resource and measure content.

Our content services

Content audit

We use web analytics and other content analysis tools to get a clear understanding of your existing digital ecosystem, take an inventory of existing content, and identify where the potential improvements and opportunities are.

User research

A variety of research activities enable us to develop a detailed understanding of the needs of your users: both the external people in your audience and the internal stakeholders who are responsible and accountable for content. We use a combination of methods based on your unique case, including things like user testing, stakeholder interviews, online surveys and workshops with staff and customers.

Content strategy

We will work with you to co-design a content strategy that is effective and realistic. We will draw on information from your users, insights from your team and stakeholders, market information, your existing marketing, communications and governance documentation, and our own expertise. People will be at the centre of the strategy, to make sure your content meets the needs of your audience and the realities of your organisation's structure and processes.

Content design

Design information and services in the formats and styles that work best for users. It's about communicating in ways that are most efficient and user-centred. Our content designers bring data, both quantitative and qualitative, to the process of designing words, pages, forms, navigation, imagery, and whatever type of content is being designed. We draw on knowledge of how people read online, prioritise accessibility, and layer that with analytics and user research.

Voice and tone

Defining rules and guidelines for writing is important for maintaining a consistent voice, style and quality. We'll define and document guidelines for how your organisation speaks and writes to best represent the brand, and how to best use tone in different situations. This may include examples of copywriting, sentence structure and style with rules and guidelines for staff. This may be supported by a brand quadrant or document templates.

Plain language

Almost half of all people in Australia struggle with literacy. In our maturing digital and information economy, organisations are obligated to make content and services accessible. We'll work with you to create a guide or facilitate training so your teams can embrace the power of plain language to improve readability, help people make decisions, and build trust.


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