Beautifully and effectively express your value and impact.

Your organisation’s identity is what your users see and hear when they interact with you. Identity design is built on the foundations of a clear brand strategy. It is a visual and verbal way to express who you are and what you do to every audience clearly and consistently. 

By looking at the key characteristics and points of difference of your organisation, as well as gaining insights into the behaviours and preferences of your staff and customers, we work with you to assess where your visual and verbal identity needs to be refined, reviewed or recreated. Our designers and strategists excel at re-energising brand identities to make sure they are current, relevant and optimised for digital platforms. We also have specialist brand and design knowledge in the justice, education and mental health sectors.

Establishing your tone of voice

Words are just as important as the visuals in any brand. We’ll workshop your tone of voice with you to uncover your organisation’s distinct voice, writing style and language choice.

Developing your visual direction

We’ll speak to stakeholders, staff and users and we’ll explore your history, competitors and place in the market to see what stands out visually. Throughout the design process we’ll grow your visual identity from mood boards and sketches to high quality visuals.

Documenting your visual identity

After your verbal and visual identity has been created, we’ll define how they work to form your distinct identity. For your verbal identity we can create guidelines and language systems to help you speak consistently to different audiences.  For your visual identity we can develop design systems, website components, templates and guidelines to help you look consistent on different channels.

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