User research

Understand the preferences and behaviours of your users through a mixed-methods approach to design research that includes qualitative and quantitative techniques.

The more you know about your users, the more likely you are create services, products and content that are relevant, meaningful and engaging. There is a direct correlation between the success of projects and understanding your users, their preferences and behaviours. It helps inform decision making and removes the risk of making false and costly assumptions. We can provide high quality and cost-effective research that is tailored to your needs and meets best practice. Our approach to user research involves talking to real users or beneficiaries as early as possible, as well as examining the systems in which they go about their lives. We use a mixed method approach, with a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to conduct research, including user interviews, contextual observation, stakeholder interviews, co-design workshops, web analytics, surveys, questionnaires and polls.

User research services

Find and connect with your audience

We can help you to identify your users or audience and research their needs and behaviours. This can be done through a range of techniques including workshops, focus groups, online surveys and one-on-one interviews. It may include data analysis of relevant web traffic, existing research findings, stakeholder research and market analysis.

Speak to your users

Research helps to identify the precise 'tone of voice' necessary to optimise engagement with the user group. Age groups, English language skills, education standards, familiarity with information and life experience are all taken into account.

Provide design and technical recommendations

Our research will help you decide if the language and visual presentation is formal or casual, the balance between text and graphics, the choice of imagery and the colour palette. It will also inform decisions about the structure of content and navigation pathways.

Present insights to your stakeholders

Our research will enhance the information you are able to provide to stakeholders. We can provide multiple presentation options, suitable for a range of stakeholders. This may include a text summary or visual representation of key findings, a deck that can support presentations, or a comprehensive report with citations.

Test new products and services

Your user group will provide the best information about new products and services. We recommend using testing throughout the design, introduction and review phases, to maintain focus on user behaviour and feedback.

Identify new opportunities

User or audience testing often reveals new opportunities for products and services not previously identified. They may develop from a specific user problem, changing attitudes to competitors or interest in new digital platforms.

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