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Image of a person holding a mug and working at a desk with multiple screens - imagery from

Portable's response to COVID-19

16 March 2020

Photo of Pause Fest's #PAUSE2020 hashtag sign

The download on Pause Fest 2020

05 March 2020

Image of a person with long hair using a phone while sitting on a stack of papers that feature a court symbol, above the YourCase logo

Portable releases YourCase App to help family violence survivors

26 February 2020

Photo of a stack of books made to look like a Christmas tree in the Portable office

A message from Portable's founders

28 January 2020

Person riding a delivery bike down a city street

Making this decade one of meaningful design

28 January 2020

Image of a diagram with three loops showing the progression from mapping out an idea, to getting thoughts, to reviewing what worked and didn't

The principles behind our work

28 January 2020

Photo of a laptop displaying "topic: there is a gap in understanding between design practice and business practice. And that gap can be narrowed" with people in the background having a discusssion

Lost in translation (learning the language of business)

11 December 2019

Photo from one of Portable's Neighbourhood Drinks events with a group of women standing together talking

Portable picks: our sources of inspiration

11 December 2019

Photo of a man working at a laptop with headphones

Improving onboarding for users and staff

10 December 2019

Photo of an open plan office with people at work and drawings on blackboards

Redesigning Work: Balance

18 November 2019

Photo of a wall with a mind-map written on butches paper surrounded by post-it notes

Changing the way we talk about innovation in government

15 November 2019

Photo of the face of a weight scale with a green filter

Approaching youth justice with a design mindset

30 October 2019

Digging deeper into our education report

24 October 2019

Image from deathable cities website showing Melbourne being awarded the title of World's Most Deathable City in 2050

What does it take to make a Deathable City?

11 October 2019

Image of a world map with countries we have reached through micro-lending coloured green

Making strides in micro-lending

08 October 2019

Photo of a group of young people sitting in rows of chairs, one child has their hand raised to ask a question

Introducing young people to design thinking

26 September 2019

Image of Portable staff at a meeting with a tv screen displaying a diagram in the background and a table of post-it notes

Bringing design thinking to education and environment

23 September 2019

Image of a group of different drinks in different glasses on a blue background

A chance to relax, sip and socialise

11 September 2019

Image of two members of Portable working on laptops at a table in the Portable office

B Corp behind the scenes: how Portable prioritises purpose in business

25 July 2019

Photo of reeds in front of a far off sunset

The UX of voluntary assisted dying: friction and complexity as safeguards

17 July 2019

Someone mansplaining

Connecting with the international legal design community

10 July 2019

Illustration of lady using laptop

A blockchain listicle for designers

06 June 2019

Image of a human and a robot smiling at one another

Portable’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence V1

30 May 2019

A computer on a melting iceberg

Making sense of the infrastructure slush bucket

22 May 2019

A city at night

The real infrastructure debate: how metrofitting can repair cities and lifestyles

22 May 2019

photo of a white iris flower

When design gets personal

08 May 2019

Illustration of a person juggling sports equipment and office equipment

90 people, 2 days: a crash course in design thinking

16 April 2019

Image of a lightbulb, a cog, and an eye with a text bubble saying "hello" and "Can I help you?"

How human-centred design elevates AI

29 January 2019

Image of two phone screens on a pink background displaying the app 'After'

Design your death: a Portable R&D demo evening

04 December 2018

Portrait of Sarah Kaur

A statement of work

03 September 2018

Image of a woman communicating to another person represented through swirls of conversation

Present the Story, Not the Report

03 September 2018

Photo of several people having a group conversation

Design thinking: helping put the 'public' in public policy

31 August 2018

Image of a Dennis Mortensen presenting at a conference

Storytelling moves to Conversational UI

14 August 2018

Image of Portable cofounder Andrew Apostola presenting in front of a large seated crowd of people

We believe in Government

18 July 2018

Photo of the YourCase team in a planning session

YourCase: Redesigning the delivery and experience of justice

09 July 2018

New Approaches to Designing the News

09 July 2018

Image of two women sitting together while one uses a phone

Introducing YourCase: A tool to reimagine the court experience

09 July 2018

Image of Parliament House with a flag flying above

Back to Basics: Defining Innovation

09 July 2018

Sketch of an ongoing process with a mind at the centre

The Future of Design is Data Driven

09 July 2018

Photo of a person in a beanie writing on a board with a marker

Designing Invisible Systems for Government

09 July 2018

Image of three young people working around a laptop at a table

Redesigning Work: The Automation Debate

09 July 2018

Photo of an office aisle with people working at their computers

Five key takeaways from the Law & Courts Conference

09 July 2018

Image of hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Redesigning Work: Future Proofing Skills

09 July 2018

Photos of a workplace aisle with people at their computers

What does the future of work look like?

09 July 2018

Photo of a stack of book with the top book showing the title "Responding to web design"

Portable Picks: The Best Design Books

09 July 2018

Collage of photos of people interacting

The future of learning is peer-to-peer

09 July 2018

Image of a microphone with a pari of headphones in the background

Portable Picks: Our Favourite Design-Related Podcasts

09 July 2018

Image of an open plan office crowded with technology - ‍Photo by Nick Otto For The Washington Post

Redesigning Work: Does the Office Need a Redesign?

09 July 2018

Photo of Portable cofounder Andrew Apostola with a microphone speaking

Government is a force for good

09 July 2018

Photo of an office with staff at their computers working

What Do Workers Want in Work?

09 July 2018

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